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Parental Controls are simple to set up and easy to maintain. Select age-appropriate content based on movie and channel ratings, and/or block individual channels. Unlock any channel or program at any time with the password override.

Share Rentals

This feature makes Video on Demand rentals available for any user, or just the user who makes the purchase.

Require Login

Having a required login locks your TV service until the username and password are entered, or turns off if de-selected.

Channel Blocking

Block or unblock an entire channel from appearing in the channel lineup. Channels unlock with a simple login.

Movie Rating

This tool allows you to filter out any movies above a certain rating level assigned by the Motion Picture Association.

TV Rating

Deny access to shows with content suitable for older children or adults based on the TV Rating Guidelines.

Unlock Timeout

Indicate how long the parental controls will remain disabled after the login and password are entered before reactivation.

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