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Fiber Updates​

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Invite the newest internet innovation into your home or business and see your computer perform feats of swiftness like a super hero. With speeds up to one hundred times faster than traditional broadband, Fiber​ will turn your regular computer into a super-computer in a flash. Upload and download speeds will skyrocket, making you marvel at the improved efficiency and productivity of your workspace. Never Fear, Fiber is here.

Thanks to fiber, we can all have a healthy outlook on what tomorrow will bring.​

All West Fiber Project Updates


Customer FTTP Migration Steps

Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) provides internet access by running fiber optic cables from our office directly to your home or business, facilitating faster speeds. Fiber optic cables need less servicing overall and provide the quickest data possible. To integrate Fiber into your home, it is necessary to complete the following steps:

  • 1. Engineering & Staking
  • 2. Main Line Conduit Construction
  • 3. Service Conduit Construction
  • 4. Main Line Fiber Installation
  • 5. Service Drop Fiber Installation
  • 6. Main Line Fiber Splicing
  • 7. Service Drop Fiber Splicing
  • 8. AC Power Connection (ONT)
  • 9. Install ONT/Turn-up Services
  • 10. Schedule Transition of Customer Services
  • 11. Complete Transition of Customer Services